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February 24, 2013
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Chubby Reader x Prussia:

“I’m sexy and I know it!” You sang at the top of your lungs dancing to the music blasting in your ear buds. In the comfort or your home you never felt ashamed of going wild and dancing away to your music. You swished your hips from side to side and raised your arms above your head. Dancing was something that made you feel not only alive, but extremely beautiful.  As you danced you didn’t notice three pairs of head watching you from the window.
“See, isn’t she cute!” The white haired boy whined his crimson eyes enchanted by your limbering body. He mumbled something in German before chuckling to himself.
“She’s a little bigger than you normally go for?” A man with curly dark brown hair and a Spanish accent commented looking over your bigger body with a questioning eye at his friend. The sliver haired man glared at his friend trying to make him burst into flames. The last head with shoulder length blonde hair shook his head with a chuckle.
“Finally Gilbert you develop some taste in finer woman.” He commented his thick French accent leaking out as he looked over at the sliver haired man named Gilbert. Gilbert frowned giving the blonde man the middle finger before turning back to watch you through the window.
“Francis I don’t get it,” The curly brown haired man said to the blonde haired man.
“Just this morning he insulted her.” He finished confusion clouding his green eyes. The man named Francis laughed patting his friend on the shoulder his blue eyes capturing the others green.
“Where do you think he fell in love, Antonio?” Francis asked Antonio who shook his head no. Francis chuckled deciding to tell him what happened earlier today.
Earlier that day you had been jogging in the park.  Despite popular belief that bigger girls can’t jog you decided to go against the status quo. Wearing your (f/c) jacket and (f/c) running shorts you blasted through the park and around pedestrians. You felt amazing since you had taken up jogging a month ago to help improve your health.  You continued to jog until you came across a large oak tree that called out to you. You jogged over to it placing a hand on the rough bark to help steady you.  As you were taking a quick break an ear bud fell out of your ear.
“She is such a wide load!” Someone laughed from behind the other side of the tree.  He had a thick German accent and you knew if you looked he would have an even thicker ego to match. A high pitch voice cooed at that and asked him to continue on with his bashing of you.
“I mean her body weight bounces more when she runs than when she just walks.” You frowned taking out your other ear bud and wrapping it around your music device. You had heard comments like this before and it always hurt. It felt like someone had socked you in the gut and pulled out your dignity with pliers. However no matter what you heard you knew you were beautiful, and you wanted him to know it. Stalking past the tree you saw him with a little twig of a girl. She noticed you before he did and give you a wicked smirk.
“She’s chubbylicious!” He laughed. You smiled as you tapped on Gilbert’s shoulder. The second he turned with a shit eating grin on his face; you smiled sweetly and decked him. You felt his nose flatten under the weight of your fist. He fell backwards onto the ground with an ample pained sound.
You’re (e/c) eyes glared down at him as he held his bleeding nose.
“I am a cute woman with (h/l) (h/c) that shines in the sun. With blazing (e/c) eyes that glow like stars in the night sky.  My body is that of a goddess that shall never be touched by pathetic mortal hands.” You shouted hands on your hips, glaring down at Gilbert as he stared back enchanted by you.
“You are a narcissistic, egotistical, lousy excuse for a man and shall NEVER have the privilege of being with a real woman!” You spat out before walking away a kick in your step.
“I LOVE YOU!” You heard him shout but you didn’t care and kept walking away. Gilbert was entranced by ____________. They had the same college classes together, but this was the first time he truly noticed her. He had meant what he said, and brushing off the girl beside him he chased after you. He didn’t know what to say, for all his awesome words left him when he say that luscious buns jiggle as you proceed to run away.  He was left standing there until Francis had found him later that day and learned that his friend was in love.
“And that is how we find ourselves here.” Francis sighed waving a hand over at Gilbert who seemed to be lost in daydreams. Gilbert hummed thinking about how awesome you were to turn him the king of awesome down.  Antonio was the first to notice after the story that you were gone.   Francis was the second to notice that you were standing behind the three men. Both men smiled and waved at you. You waved back a stern frown lining your face. You motioned for both men to move and they quickly hustled away from the window. You took their place next to Gilbert looking into your living room through the window.
“What are you looking at?” You asked placing a hand on your cheek trying to see what he saw. He sighed dreamily closing his eyes in bliss.
“The girl I plan to allow to date the awesome me.” He informed while laughing a weird hissing like laugh.
“Too bad she doesn’t think you’re that awesome to date.” You mocked sighed patting a hand on his shoulder. It was at this point Gilbert noticed you were standing next to him. He covered his nose quickly and yelled something in German.  You laughed wrapping a hand over his shoulder and bringing him down to your eye level.  
“You know if I realized hitting a boy could get me dates I’d do it more often.” You giggled pulling away from a speechless Gilbert.
“I’m chubbylicious.” You sang waving to Antonio and Francis as you walked back into your house.

Francis and Antonio shared a look; smiles growing on their faces.
“Forget that idiota and come salsa dancing with me!” Antonio yelled waving his arms in front of your living room window. France shoved a hand in his face pushing him away.
“Leave these garçons barbares and date a real man.” He bellowed blowing you a kiss.
“She’s my frau you bastards!” He screamed tackling the two men to the ground. From the window you had the perfect view too watch the funny scene.
So, this is a Hetalia Reader instert. I haven't done one in a while but I kept seeing all these Chubby Readers one come up. I am a chubby girl and so I was like sure I'll read. :/
The stories were okay but they always made the girl put herself down and have to have the hetaila chatater make her feel beatiful. I have never needed someone to tell me I was beatuiful. I told myself that and I never let anyone people put me down. Since I COULDN'T FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND A READER INSERT WHERE SHE IS SEXY AND KNOWS IT! I wrote one for the thing is even us chubby girls know we are CUTE!! So to all the girls out there who never feel beatiful, big or small please know you are beatiful. ;)

Update: Is now a part of the awesome :iconqueeniepie10: contest. Check it out. A lot of awesome people are featured too.
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Oops. Meant to say me instead of my. X)
UltimateCatWhisperer Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  New member
Ha ha. This story made my laugh. I love it.
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Such an Awesome Story Animated Love Monkey
chibi-kitsune1 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I adore this story! Being a short and chubby girl myself this story you wrote makes me happy that you know there are really guys out there who like a girl with meat on her bones. I've been chubby mostly my whole life and thankfully I've never been bullied for it. I like people who look past the stereotypical placements that society puts on us so you are all right in my book. Thanks for writing this!
MarbleHornetsIsCool Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014   Artist
This story is both cure and funny. Awesome job!!
NOMNOMSUN Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
And so...the fight for the readers' heart has begun. BTT have fallen for the cubbyliciousness~!
MarbleHornetsIsCool Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014   Artist
I couldn't agree more!!
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