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February 25, 2013
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Belarus X Chubby Reader:
                              I like your body

“I’m sorry.” Ivan whimpered stepping away from the smaller girl. Belarus hands clench at the apron on her dress.  Her brother the only man she felt she could ever love had done it again. He had told her, he could never do that one thing.  Ivan quickly backed away looking for a way out. He spotted one and as Natalya pondered over why her brother didn’t love her, he made his escape. Natalya stayed where she was glaring down at her slim stomach.
“It’s because I’m hideous!” She hissed. “With a body and face like this I must disgust big brother.” She whispered her face crumpling in disgust. Natalya turned on her heels walking out of her brother’s house.  As she walked she insulted herself with each step she took.
“I have such flabby arms!” She cursed wrapping her slim arms around her waist.  
“Look at yourself even you’re eyes are as dull as you’re hair!” She mumbled stopping to pull at her long beige hair.
“And I hate this body f---” she yelled only to best stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Natalya whipped around to see a girl smiling at her.
“I like your body.” She said grasping Natalya’s hands in her own.
“_________”Natalya sighed letting her glare simmer down to a cold stare. The bigger girl laughed happily bringing her friend into a tight hug. ___________ purposely made sure Natalya face was pressed against her ginormous chest.
“Hello gorgeous!” ________ greeted tightening her grip on the smaller girl. Natalya mumbled something about air and _______ let her go. Natalya stumbled backwards gulping down fresh air.
“Sorry,” _______ mumbled smiling bashfully at her panting friend. “I forget my breasts can be lethal weapons!” __________ laughed. The laughter infected Natalya to the point that the usually stoic girl chuckled.   Once the laughter died down ______ grabbed Natalya’s hand and proceed to drag her.
“Come on we’re going to my place.” ______ informed pulling Natalya beside her. Natalya didn’t know what to say to stop _________.  When the energetic girl beside her got an idea stuck in her head there was no way out. Natalya looked her bigger friend up and down noting the (f/c) shirt that hugged her visible curves.  Natalya thought she looked cute and wondered how her friend was so comfortable with her body. Natalya frowned looking down at the blue dress that hugged her form perfectly.
“I look so ugly and small. I must look like a child in his eyes.” She whimpered hoping her friend had not heard her. _________ had and a frown spread across her (s/c) cheeks.  _________ knew something had happened, but that one sentence confirmed all her suspicions. After a beat _________ exclaimed in joy at the sudden realization she came upon. Picking up the pace she dragged Natalya all the way back to her house.

      “_________ what are you doing?” Natalya asked watching as her friend raced around her small kitchen.
“Making triple chocolate gallon ice cream cheer up charm!” _______ exclaimed digging a gallon of chocolate ice cream out of her freezer.  Natalya gave her friend a disbelieving look as she took chocolate chips and syrup out of the fridge.
“What? I don’t like melted chocolate,” _____ informed piling all the chocolate on the counter. She walked over to the drawer pulling out two silver spoons.
“Side’s licking melted chocolate off plastic leaves a bitter plasticity taste.” ______ stuck out her tongue scrunching up her eyes at the thought. Natalya smiled softly watching her friend pour chocolate chips and chocolate syrup on top of the chocolate ice cream.
“Done that before I take it?” Natalya questioned plucking the spoon out of ______ hand. _______ merely winked at Natalya before spooning out a huge glop of chocolate.
“Want to talk about it?” _________ asked before taking a bit of the chocolaty goodness. Natalya frowned playing with the spoon in her hands.
“I….” she started taking in a deep breath. “I hate my body.”
“I like your body.” ______ mumbled over the food in her mouth. Natalya rolled her eyes continuing on with her thoughts.
“Big Brother must think I look like a child with this small figure and nonsexist breasts.”  Natalya sighed placing the spoon on the counter.
“Just look at how ugly I am. My hair is blander than toilet paper and my eyes are as lifeless as the dead.” Tears prickled in her dark blue eyes as she listed all she thought was wrong with her.
“He could never love a skeleton like me.” She was going to say more before a spoon filled with chocolate was forced into her open mouth. Natalya blinked her dark blue eyes gazing into _______ (e/c) blazing eyes.
“Drop that shit!” ______ hissed letting go of the spoon. Without any weight to hold it in place the spoon fell to the floor with a clatter.  The room was silent for a few minutes neither girl daring to speak.
“I like your body.” ______ punctuated each word as she walked over to Natalya wrapping her arms around her waist.
“This fabulous body allows me to wrap my arms around you tight.” She said squeezing to prove her point.
“Also I think you have too much muscles, skin, and organs to look like a skeleton.” ______ informed moving back to place a hand on Natalya face.
“I admire your hair that reminds me of golden wheat swaying in the gentle breeze on a sunny day.” She said running her hands in Natalya hair.
“Those dark blue eyes are my favorite when they glow with laughter.” _____ pulled away with a sigh placing her hands on Natalya chest.
“And these definitely make themselves known pretty well. Nice size to boot!” _______ giggled squeezing the breasts before Natalya smacked her upside the head.
“Wah! Don’t hit me!  I was being honest!”  ________ cried cupping her head.  She looked up to find Natalya shaking.
“Nat don’t cry!” ______ begged placing her hands on Natalya shoulders only to find the girl not crying. A deep red blush covered Natalya whole face. Natalya glared up at _______ trying to will her to die.
“Those weren’t only meant for big brother to touch!” Natalya screamed plowing into ¬___________. With a shriek _______ fell backwards onto the floor with Natalya coming with her. _______ ‘s back hit the floor in a painful way, but she couldn’t help but laugh.
“Gosh Nat you are soooooo cute!” ________ said pinching the still red cheek of her friend. Natalya pouted straddling the bigger girl.
“Why!” Natalya demanded grabbing ________ shirt.
“Why what?” _________ asked raising an eyebrow skeptically.
“Why can’t I be like you?” Natalya asked letting go of _______shirt and leaning backwards. Natalya felt a presence behind her and upon turning her head found it to be _______ knees.
“Gain 130 pounds and you’ll look like me.” _______ joked receiving a glare from the smaller girl. _______ sighed letting a small smile grace her face.
“Sit back and let me tell you a story.” ______ said placing her own hands behind her head. Natalya was about to say something when ______ cut her off.
“A long time ago there was a girl. She was bigger than most and felt extremely ugly. She spent most of her days in self-pity and loathing; thinking no one could ever love her.” ________ began looking up at the white ceiling.
“She hated her body and covered it up in many layers. She felt as if everyone was judging her and hated her for being fat.  That girl hated herself for being so weak and for being so big.” _____ voiced cracked. Natalya found herself seeing a new side of her friend she had never seen before.
“Then one day this kick ass girl comes along. This girl took crap from no one and was the first person to tell the fat girl she was beautiful. She gave her the confidence to grow and learn to love the body she was in. That girl blossomed into the prettiest cornflower and finally loved herself. However she loved the girl who helped her more.” ______ finished her (e/c) eyes locking with Natalya’s blue.
“When the chubby cutie has to hear that kickass girl cry about something so trivial and false about how beautiful she really is. All it makes me want to do is make you realize just how beautiful you really ar—” _______ felt a pair of soft lips on her own. The words caught in ________ throat keeping her from breathing.
“Nat?” _______ breathed out when Natalya pulled away.  Light shined down on Natalya framing her hair in shining glow. The golden hair made the perfect frame around the heart shaped face giving her the presence of an angelic beauty. The thing that really took ________ breath away was the wide smile blooming on Natalya’s face.
“Who said you were cute?”  Natalya asked getting up from her comfy seat. ______ lay on the floor a moment longer before another realization hit her.
“You’re eating all the C.C.C. aren’t you.” _______ growled glaring up at Natalya who smirked down at _______.
“If you mean the Chocolate Cheer up Charm ice cream you made then yes.” Natalya laughed racing away to the living room with the gallon ice cream and spoon.
“MY C.C.C. ICECREAM!”  ______ howled   quickly rising from the floor and chasing after Natalya.

The next day:
The song ‘Marry me’ by Train rang throughout ______’s apartment from the kitchen.  Natalya grabbed her purple phone answering it before _______ was awoken by the noise.
“Hello?” Natalya greeted into the cell phone. It took a few moments before another voice came on, but Natalya was used to the treatment.
“Natalya where are you? Are you alright? You never came home last night?!” Ivan rambled over the phone panic evident in his voice.
“I am fine big brother. I spent the night with _________.” Natalya informed turning back to the pancakes on the stove.
“Oh,” Ivan sighed sounding relieved.
“I have to go now brother.” Natalya informed ending the conversation.  Natalya smiled when the phone rang again, but this time she didn’t bother to answer.
“Not gonna answer?” A sleepy voice asked from beside her ear. Two arms followed slithering their way around her waist. Natalya hummed as (h/c) hair enters her line of vision from her left shoulder.
“No.” Natalya informed flipping one of the pancakes into the air. _____ smiled sleepily holding back a yawn as she watched Natalya skilled hands cook breakfast.
“Marry me.” ______ said as Natalya placed the golden pancakes onto a plate. Natalya smiled as she handed the plate over to _______-outstretched hand.
“I suppose I could,” Natalya mused intertwining ______ free and with her own.
“But I’d hate to marry someone as bony as you.” Natalya teased turning away to take a seat at the counter. _______ smirked taking a seat beside Natalya.
“You have a point. It could be a real drag if I married someone as chubby as you.” _____ whined grasping at her chest. The two girls’ glared at each other for a moment before huge smiles spread across their faces.  They knew they could tease each other like this because they had confidence in not only their bodies, but their friendship.
Last night I got a ton of sweet comments from alot of you sweethearts. It almost made me cry in joy. I didn't *looks away* alright maybe I did a little. And a lot of you were happy to see a chubby girl being kick ass. YEAH! Drop kicking sterotypes one at a time!

Anyway I talked to a few who were bigger and some who were smaller. Not naming names. And they all said reading my first chubby reader story gave them a boost of confidence. It also made me realize that we all have self esteem issues wither were big or small. So, I had this dream in my head and had to write it out. I knpw I said no angsty stuff, but it worked with the cuteness I think. I'm sorry if I offened anyone.

The dialoge Belarus uses is from how I used to think about myself alot when I had none. I had to change a few things of course for I am chubby. When I was in seventh grade I was about 300 pounds and picked on a lot. It was really hard for me and I did hate myself. It was thanks to a great friend of mine that I was able to become the confident person I am and Love the body I am in. That was about eight years ago and I met her in 11th grade. So for five years I thought I was ugly and hated myself. She showed me that I was not only beatiful, but loved. And that the only opinion that matters about me is my own. She helped me learn to love myself and become the confiedent person the reader is, in the two chybby reader insert stories. That's why I wanted to write this. I wanted you guys to know that you are beatiful too and should embrace that fact. Sorry for the rant! :)

I just want all you girls and (some guys) out there to know that no matter your size you are all beatiful creatures and should be proud of that fact. And even if we never met I think and will always think you are beatiful. :hugs:
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xXMusic-MuseXx Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful! :)
Hazardousxhopey Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The story "I" told is exacty how I used to be and my best friend is my belarus. :)
InsanelySweet Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Aww. That's wonderful and I bet you two are wonderful friends and I'd love to hear your story!! :)
DeformityPagan Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*nose bleed* Yes. I love this.
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Thank. you. so. fucking. much.
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Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg LOVE IT!!!!!
LadyofLegends Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Student Writer
FINALLY!!!!! I am a dummy! :happybounce: Clap 

I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever find a Chubby!Reader insert story where the reader ISN'T insecure about her body! Because like, 99% of the chubby readers I've seen or read involve the reader being insecure about her body, and the character consoles her about it. Now, I get that a lot of girls are insecure about their weight, but I'm not, and when I read those I always think, "Hey, you know, it is possible for a girl to be chubby and NOT be insecure about herself, just saying".

I'm so glad you made this! :D Thanks!
Blossemfall Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
This has made me feel so much more confident about my weight. I'm not one of the thinishet girls in school. This hade me happier than finding out about Hetalia.
YukiSuoh01 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree
InsanelySweet Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
I'm gald my story was able to help you be more conifdent in yourself. Thnak you for the greatest complaint I have ever gotten in my life. ;) And please remember you are beautiful.
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